Trip to Andaman Nicobar

October 29, 2018

Scenic beaches, crystal clear water and a bit of Historic background make the Andamans the ideal preference for a laid-back, enjoyable vacation, with lengthy treks, lounging around in the island backwaters and, for the adventurous lot, deep sea diving. From the colorful town of Port Blair to the pristine white beaches of Neil and Havelock Islands and the limestone caves of Diglipur, the Andamans offer something for each and every tourist.

Best Time to travel

October – May: Winters in the region aren’t chilly, and weather stays pleasant for the most part. It’s the best time to enjoy water sports and other water activities.

January: If you want to witness the culture and tradition of locals in the Andamans, visit the place in January. A lot of fairs and festivals will keep you busy on your trip. The Island Tourism Festival is a 14-day long festival showcasing the various traditions followed by the tribals of the region. The Subhash  is organized on the Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose. The Block Mela captures the diversity in culture and rural life of locals in these islands.May – October: The Andamans witness heavy rains throughout the monsoon season, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting. The Andamans have a distinct beauty of its own in the rains!

Ways to travel

By Air: Most tourists prefer to take flights from either Kolkata or Chennai. Most flights are operated by Go Air and Spicejet.
By Ship: Passenger ships are available to Port Blair from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, and Chennai. Three to four trips in a month from Kolkata & Chennai to Port Blair and vice versa. One sailing takes place from Vishakhapatnam every month. Each voyage takes about 50-60 hours, with the ship docked at Port Blair for two to three days.

Reaching Havelock: Located at just 38 Kms from Port Blair, Havelock has a luxurious camping facility near Radha Nagar beach. Two to three ferries operate every day between Port Blair and Havelock.

Where to stay in Andaman Islands

For the travelers who just want to enjoy the Andamans while relaxing and stay in peace, the best place to stay is some resort in Wandoor beach and is a wonderful location. It is around 1 hr away from Port Blair. If you are someone who enjoys isolated peaceful environments, this is the place to stay.

Otherwise, on Neil Island, there are little pricey hotels, but it was worth it.

In Port Blair, you will find nice and cheap accommodation.

What to Eat

  1. SeaFood:Like other coastal areas, seafood is a specialty of the region. Port Blair is particularly recommended: try the whole lobster at New Lighthouse Restaurant or the seafood platter at Red Snapper. You can also get fresh fried fish from the morning’s catch at almost all of the islands.
  2. Local Fare:  If you don’t really relish sea food or you are not a non-vegetarian person, you must check out the delicious samosas at Havelock. If you’re looking for affordable yet scrumptious meals, many tiny local restaurants serve healthy Indian thalis at reasonable prices. Many local joints also offer Italian, Thai and Continental cuisine.

One should not leave the Andamans before you explore

  1. Port Blair: A multi ethnic diverse town offering a sight of various local traditions, Port Blair is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Immersed in colonial history, Port Blair is perfect as a basecamp for your stay in the Andamans. do pay a visit to the water sports complex here.
  2. Havelock Island: Clear blue waters and white sand beaches lined with mahua trees give Havelock Island a picture-perfect look. With long treks and fascinating backwaters, Havelock promises to be an escape into adventure and scenic beauty.
  3. Neil Island: This tranquil island welcomes you to coral reefs, calm beaches and rich wildlife. Needless to say, snorkelling is perfect here since, unlike other islands in the Andamans, Neil Island offers an escape from the crowd. There are still a few unexplored beaches around for an evening date with nature itself.
  4. Limestone Caves, Northern Andamans: The Limestone caves are located in Northern Andamans and are a treat that shouldn’t be missed. Your journey will be fascinating taking you through tribal reserves. You can also catch a sight of sun-bathing crocodiles disguised perfectly in the mangrove forests of the area.

Activities to do

  1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving:There’s nothing better than snorkelling in clear turquoise waters to explore vibrant aquatic life. There is nothing better than exploring the coral reefs at the Andamans which are famous for featuring some of the widest range of aquatic flora and fauna. Scuba diving is also a great way to get up close and personal with the vibrant, colourful corals that these beaches are famous for.
  2. Cellular Jail Memorial:The taboo of kala paani still haunts the walls of the Cellular Jail. The British used this prison to exile many freedom fighters and political prisoners. Located at Port Blair, it’s open to tourists from Tuesday to Sunday. The light and sound show at night is especially recommended.
  3. Trek to Madhuban: Considered one of the best trekking routes in the country, the trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban witnesses a huge tourist turnout. The lush green forests and the exotic fauna in the region is why trekking enthusiasts love the place.

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