Things To Be Avoided When You Travel

October 29, 2018

Usually we always speak about what to do when you travel. It’s all about must-see attractions and activities to do. But what about all the things one shouldn’t do on the trips. There are plenty of journey mistakes travelers make that lead to wasted money, time, and ignored opportunities. It’s handy to say what to do, but we neglect to point out the don’ts. So there are some of the common mistakes we should avoid while we travel.

  1. Don’t eat near a major tourist site – avoid eating near to famous tourist spot eating joints. There it will be double the charge and half the quality in comparison to any local eating joint.
  2. Don’t feed the wildlife without permission from Authority
  3. Don’t take photos of people without their permission.
  4. Don’t litter.
  5. Don’t fly extensively.
  6. If you are shopping, buy ONLY local stuff
  7. DON’T book your holiday too early
  8. DON’T be ignorant of your body language- We’ve listed for you some countries and what kind of signs and symbols you use there could have you kicked out:
    1. Croatia: Don’t raise your thumb, middle, & index finger all at once or people will think you’re a Serbian Nationalist.
    2. Japan: Don’t call a local you meet by their first name and don’t tip.
    3. Turkey: Don’t pick your teeth or blow your nose in public places like restaurants and bars.
    4. Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey: Don’t show the ‘thumbs up’ sign.
    5. Indonesia: Don’t use your left hand for important tasks like shaking hands and accepting presents.
    6. Buddhist countries: Don’t touch anyone’s head.

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